Our Team – Billie Jean Hair – Melbourne CBD Stylists

Meet your personal hair team.

We’re brilliant at what we do, even if we do say so ourselves. But we’re not afraid to have a great time while we’re doing it. Come on in, join the fun.

Billie Jean - salon director

Dublin-born and bred, our founder may seem warm and fuzzy, but don’t be fooled. Billie Jean is expert with a pair of scissors and always ensures you look and feel wonderful.
She honed her craft in London’s famous ‘Charles Worthington’ salon, working with Europe’s top stylists and tending to the locks of the rich and glamourous before creating a very special place of her very own right here in Melbourne, where her remarkable attention to detail and inimitable style is given full creative flight.

Michelle - colour director

A marvel with the colour brush, Michelle’s confident style and impeccable taste makes finding your perfect shade easy. Tying the knot? Michelle’s your girl – she’s a veritable genius when it comes to bridal hair and make up.
With a 17-year international career (Canada and London) behind her, she’s in hot demand from our clients and we wouldn’t be without her for the world.

Max - principal stylist

Max began his career in Lyon, France. Son of an award winning hairdresser, he learnt from the best before
moving to classy Kensington in London. Whilst surrounded by Europe’s latest fashion trends, Max perfected his skills.
It’s not at all surprising, that within months of arriving in Melbourne he was nominated as a finalist in the ‘American Crew All Star Challenge 2015’.
An experienced stylist, he will give you the look you’ve been dreaming of with his perfectionism and attention to detail

Claire Louise - senior stylist

Yet another of our international stylists, Claire Louise is our hotshot from Northern Ireland.
With ten years of experience in colouring and cutting, her real passion and talent lie with colour change and balayage. As a former hairdressing teacher, Claire Louise has the experience to give you the result you really desire.

Jessie - Salon Colourist

Jessie just makes hairdressing look easy.
Her understanding of colours and blowaves could lead one to believe this hairdresser has experience beyond her years. She may have just recently qualified but Jessie is great at all things creative. Keep an eye on this talent.