The Salon

Get great hair, the Billie Jean way.

Your salon experience at Billie Jean hinges on two very important details: luxury and the best service bar none.

Our personal touch and great customer service makes all the difference. It’s why our customers keep coming back. They know our dynamic team has its finger on the pulse of the latest looks coming out of the European scene.

Your Billie Jean experience is always remarkable, because we pay attention to the little things. From the moment you walk through our doors you can forget about the hectic pace outside, and sit back and relax while we get to work.

We’ll start by giving you tailored styling advice designed to make you look your best. Then we’ll take great care of your hair using only premium Kerastase, Kevin Murphy and Paul Mitchell products to keep it soft and silky smooth.

If you’re planning something special, we can also give you ‘the works’ (aka hair and make up). You’ll be smoking hot and ready to rumba in no time – whether it’s your big day or your first date.


Billie Jean recycle 95% of thie waste thanks to SUSTAINABLE SALONS AUSTRALIA. We are very proud to be doing all we can to minimise our carbon footprint. Sustainable salons also take our hair donations to make wigs for children with Alopecia and cancer.

Melbourne, You will have an amazing experience!

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Olaplex is the original, unique and patented chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. Olaplex did not create a product category – Olaplex is the product category. Olaplex gives colourists the confidence, the insurance and the ability to colour or lighten hair at any level without the risk of breakage. Olaplex is a bond multiplier containing a single active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds, before, during and after services. Disulfide bonds are broken via chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes.Olaplex is the only product of its kind with multiple granted patents and over 100 pending worldwide. Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals.With a plethora of different uses and applications, Olaplex can be used in your colour services as a stand-alone treatment, with its single active ingredient repairing the hair from within, the result is stronger and healthier hair, plus colour lasts longer with more vibrancy.


evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.

Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range (and not sell it as the answer to life, love and other woes), evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ crusade of twisted honesty – designed to make people think. and so comes the catch phrase – saving ordinary humans from themselves™.

inside bottles of evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment.

you won’t find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in evo formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label.



Kérastase is in the world’s most sumptuous salons and used by the world’s most prestigious hairdressers from across the globe. Presented in magnificent spaces and used by remarkably talented experts, Kérastase represents the effectiveness of luxury with sophisticated diagnostic tools and customised care, the ultimate keys to attaining perfection.